Picnic basket

such a nice wicker

lined with red plaid inside

pretty blanket covering the grass

can you feel the sunshine

peeking thru the trees 

smiling upon me and you?

You looking deep into my eyes watching my blues sparkle 

in the sunshine as I give you the sweetest smile

your hands frame my face

as you come in a tender kiss

you wonder if this delicious taste could be all a dream

I wonder the same

but when i feel you pull me close to you under the blue heavens, 

It is evident that our dream has been brought to life. 

Let’s awaken to the desires that this day has brought us

and choose to believe in all the beauty that remains. 

So lets raise our glasses celebrating a new day

And let me feed you the best tuna melts your tongue has ever tasted. 

And for dessert the juiciest blackberries so sweet , the berries burst into our mouths. 

All of our senses feeling alive,

Who knew a picnic basket could bring such joy

maybe its the sunshine

maybe its the warm blanket in the grass

maybe it our sweet kisses 

maybe it is the way we mirror each others smile

All I know for sure is 

in this moment

heaven has been found for you and I . 


BJ Periman



and it all started with a picnic basket and a smile. 



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